Thursday, August 01, 2013

getting my toes wet

somewhere between hell and back, i had lost my moxie. after numerous conversations with close friends and myself, she is back. its the hardest parts of life that squeeze some of the most creativity out of us, so perhaps that's why i am back to banging away at my computer and in the beginnings of a novel. for now i just want to test the water and share a few things i love.

life has changed significantly for this girl, in a good way. happily remarried, a warm and amazing home full of love and life and laughter awaits me every day. i look forward to every moment and all our fun and dysfunction. i never thought i would be here a year ago. although i don't have a strand of religion in me, i feel ultimately blessed.

i am lucky to wake up next to a strong and amazing man who is the captain of this ship. i am lucky to see his influence on, and his love for all our kids... four to be exact, and even luckier that we get to live this crazy good adventure together.

despite my multiple moves in the last few years and some moments of feeling totally defeated, here i am... and much better for it.

so here she is, living in the burbs, carting children around, keeping a pantry full for six people and nearly losing my mind while trying to remember schedules and all of our kids names. it's bliss. seriously. i would not have it any other way.

here's to being back.


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  1. I've been meaning to reach out to you - and clearly I need to get caught up on everything! Congratulations on getting married!!! I want to hear that story, missy! And I want to hear about the writing, too. Glad all is well.