Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my update on crossfit...

divine intervention was the only thing preventing me from getting to my first crossfit experience this morning. after scrambling to get the boys off to school and getting out of my house in skin tight leggings and a luon bra-top no less, i was ready to sweat and swear. i made it out early enough to get to nearby rancho to drop off a prescription and get right back on the 94 to get my rear up to kearny villa. low and behold there's an muliple car, injury accident on the 15 north. after sitting in my car in meltdown mode and staring at the same horrible prius bumper for more than a half and hour, i swerved left and went all the way to downtown, just so i could turn around and head back to my homeland. i have firm belief in the fact that things DO happen for a reason. perhaps it was the bright sun, the brisk air and my foul mood...  i headed directly to lake murray. for any of you who don't know lake murray, it is a church for many. plopped in the middle of housing and freeway and cowles mountain, is a sacred reserve. not only does it boast a large piece of water, but also a huge asphalt walking trail, multiple dirt trails, paddle boats, bird watching, fishing, and the best group of walkers ever. i've been visiting lake murray for over 20 years. i have seen the same people to this day.

after my melodramadic meltdown in the car on the phone with my mom, i wiped my eyes, dawned my ipod and ran my ass six full miles around that lake... to the best play list i've heard in my life... and only because it sounded so distinctly different and perfect on this very day.

that being said... i will get to crossfit one day, but the universe had other plans for me today.

oh, and here are two songs that came to me in the middle of my run on my shuffle...

may you all get through the holidays with minimal meltdowns and all the love in the world.

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