Saturday, September 08, 2012

Summer is far from over...

seeing as in san diego, September tends to be our hottest month - i won't say goodbye to these muggy days and short shorts just yet. while other parts of the country are getting their boots and scarves out, we are seeking shelter from the 100 degree heat and dreading our gas and electric bills. though i've always been proud of being a native to san diego and a lover of southern california, as i grow older (not wiser), i dislike this heat. perhaps it's because i hate having to wear bunion bearing sandals... or simply because i cannot wait to break out my knee-high fryes, this weather blows. i can however; enlighten you with some of my favorite products that will move you and your skin into fall gorgeously, and give you the low down on some great end of summer cocktails. hopefully no one reading this is opposed to pampering themselves or having a cool refreshment to beat the heat. if so, you're reading the wrong blog.

i have two days left of school until i've completed my six hundred hours of aesthetics school. i've been in school five days a week since january, as well as being a single mom (a really damn good one) of two wild boys, trying to sell real estate and planning for this month. september brings on my own graduation, 20 year class reunion, oldest son's birthday, best friend's wedding (which i'm in!), and a whole lot of chaos before i throw myself out there into the executive world of skin care and hope that i get snatched up as a rep for one of my favorite lines. with 15 years sales experience and a full-blown addiction and love of products, i am betting on landing a good job. one that allows me to still dabble in the housing market and spend as much time as i can with my boys. keep your fingers crossed for me.

so here goes... these are some things i cannot live without. some of them are more seasonal... but most are good year round. this is how i keep myself fresh faced and bright during even the most stressful of times. let's begin with the basics. water. i am never without a bottle of these two spritzers in my fridge. the first is evian's aerosol. it's a must for me. i use it almost daily and throughout the year. it's great for setting makeup, waking myself up and keeping my skin hydrated. it is a foolproof must have- which is why it continues to win awards year after year. the second is a kerstin florian spritzer. besides the fact that it smells like an absolute dream, this blend of neroli and orange blossom suspension is heaven to my rosacea. i am 100% addicted. i even keep a small bottle in the fridge for throwing in my cooler or my bag if i'm headed to the beach, golf course or park. it's delightful and worth every damn penny.

the best thing next to water for me is usually wine, but i'll save that for later. let's talk peels. i can't use much on my sensitive skin. strong products will flare me up and make me red for days. i don't like to resort to my prescription solutions for my rosacea, so i try to keep it on the up and up. these alpha peel pads from dr. dennis gross are some of my favorite things to brighten things up. they are safe to use around the eyes and after just a few days of use, my skin looks firmer and a few years fresher. the max strength are the best for anyone who doesn't have sensitive skin- but otherwise, stick to the OG. these are great to rid your skin of all the built up cells and debris from months long use of sunscreens and moisturizers. they will help your other products work better and penetrate deeper. moving on...

you all know how i feel about primer. it's a step you cannot skip. even if you're only using primer with a bit of concealer... you're better off than using just foundation. primer creates a perfect canvas and protects your skin from the elements and the unknowns that may be in your makeups or powders. this primer is the best i've ever tried, hands down. it also hails from a line of products that i'm desperate to represent. colorscience is on the cutting edge of mineral use and non-irritating, healthy products for men and women. i am never without their sunscreen in my bag and this primer is never empty in my medicine cabinet. i keep it on autoship from dermstore.

here's to the body... even though i'm proficient at my sunFX airbrush system on other people, i dare not point it at myself. as much as it's hard to stay completely out of the sun in SD. I do my best to fake my tan at all times. the best self tanner i've used is by lancome. i usually steer quite clear of department store brands and head straight to the cosmeceuticals and organics, but lancome nails it with their tanner. this stuff gives an awesome glow and goes on even steven. i keep it updated by using my hempz lotion as a daily gradual tanner- so it always looks blended. i have no shame in sporting a bit of a glow during fall and winter. it never looks bad to look like you just glided off a cruise ship - no matter what month it is. do i wish i had gorgeous pasty and pale skin, with tiny childlike freckles and the scent of apricots? yes... but i don't, so this is my next best bet. if you're not down for the glow that lasts, and you lean toward something that's less of a commitment, this is your gig. nars body glow is the most amazing and best smelling bronzer to hit the shelves. it's scented of the monoi flower and transports you to a far away island immediately. it hints at sparkly without being garish, and can jazz up any shoulderless ensemble.

and here's to hair...  for many years i've been a bumble and bumble girl. they do have some things i cannot live without, but i have never fallen in love with any of their shampoos or conditioners. i feel like they overprice and underdeliver. lately i have been trying to get my hair to grow. who knows why...? as soon as it grazes my shoulder i cut it. fortunately i am one of those girls that can pull off short hair beautifully. long hair has never suited me, it does not go hand in hand with my sassiness - nor can i keep myself from pulling it up in a frumpy ass ponytail most the time. i envy the girls with long shiny locks that wear their hair down, fashion it in waves or other fun styles... but they are few and far between. my shampoos have to rock. they have to leave my hair unfrizzy, shiny, and perfectly ready to be air dried and left alone. i don't have time to spend on fussing after i get my two handsome boys out the door. i also have to dawn pencil skirts and heels and try to sell cherry popsicles to women in white gloves some days... so the sassy hair is a must. my all time fave right now is nioxin. it sounds cheesy - probably because it's for promoting hair growth and the first thing that comes to mind is male pattern balding. it's great stuff, super stimulating and smells clean and divine. i follow it with my anuva drops (must have!!!) and some aveda brilliance (happily addicted since 95) and i'm good to go.

so there you have it....  and if you've read this far - you need a cocktail. recently my boy and i (boy, not boys) were packing our cooler for a sunny day on the golf course, and we wanted something light and summery, but not overly sweet. i detest sweet drinks, whether they be coffee, tea or cocktail. i can always do a good moscato or a rose with spicy food, but that's about it. so there we were perusing the aisles of vons that we came upon this amazing absolut flavor. the pink swirls on the bottle were a little much for us both, but we decided to give it a shot- and we are glad we did. i mixed this with a tangerine seltzer water and a squeeze of lime, and it was a party in my mouth. perfectly exotic and sweet... great for hot days, cheese and cracker time or a summer evening indulgence.

since i've hunted and pecked enough to make my eyes bleed, i will leave you here. i would love to entertain you with our recent expedition to las vegas with 17 women... but you know what they say about vegas. we brought back good memories, a few bedbugs and big smiles.

bottoms up! ha ha....

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