Saturday, July 28, 2012

getting back on the saddle...

no surprise it has been a long time since my last post. along with general writer's block, i've had some fun obstacles to get through. writing about them seemed as though i could send this blog straight to the darkside, so i held off.

i know who my audience is. they want some humor, some reality and some great reviews and rants on skincare, products, perfumes, restaurants and good cocktails. i doubt you'd like to hear about the policeman knocking on my door on the morning of the 4th of July and letting me know that the 25 year old squirmy kid who lives just beneath my children and i, is a registered 290 offender. awesome.

despite some serious setbacks, financial woes, divorce hell and too much school... all is well. my boys are healthy and happy and we've been able to spend many days in the sunshine this summer (with the best spf of course) together. i can actually see a pinhole of light at the end of this tunnel. it's goddamn bright too.

let's get to nitty gritty... i have the olympics on (just hoping to get as many glimpses of phelps as i can), i'm having a saturday afternoon glass of wine, and i just completed a kick ass workout. i had broken up with tracy anderson for a while, and after i saw that my rear wasn't nearly as high up as it was six months ago... i rekindled my relationship with her. she's punishing me. i figure if i can keep it real with her for a couple more months, i'll be in good shape for the skimpy outfits i'll be wearing in vegas for my best friends bachelorette party in august, my (ahem) 20 year reunion in september, followed by my girls wedding in september... which i'm in. i'm so excited to be a bridesmaid. the last wedding i was in was six years ago. i was pregnant... it was open bar, i was miserable.

since today is my first day back on the saddle, i don't want to overdo it. i do want to let you know that bond no#9 has done it again with their new fragrance "sag harbor". take the best day at the beach, followed by wind in your hair and a hand on your thigh. this is the scent. plunking down over 200 for a bottle is hardly reality for most people (thankfully i'm in the industry and i'm a sample hoarder), but if you have the coin... try this on for size.

lastly... my new fave spot to eat in san diego.Brooklyn Girl in mission hills. take cucina urbana and cross it with the girl and the fig and this is what you get. communal tables, vietnamese meatballs to die for, great cocktails, fresh yellow gazpacho served on a bowl of ice... wine on tap. the prices are reasonable, the crowd is great... not hipster. enjoy!!

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