Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i'm wearing a wal mart sweatshirt for y'all... if that's not demonstration of team spirit, i don't know what is...

there's so many things i could write tonight. most of them i just don't want to throw out there in public... so i'm keeping it to the things that are safe and able to digest for the general public. boring. my day started out in  a chaotic shuffle. huge chocolate protein shake stain on the back of my white pants *ten minutes before both boys had to be at school and I had to get to school in my "whites"... had to buy a horribly unattractive pair of sweat type pants in wal-mart (yes, wal-mart before 8am) for 7 dollars nonetheless (I gave them away as soon as i peeled them off before going out into public)... and then ordered and paid for my coffee, ran all the way across the mall, which is a flurry of morning mall walkers. got all the way to my car before i discovered that i didn't get my coffee. ran all the way back, had a really good belly laugh with the barista broads and then finally made it to class in my sweet new duds, coffee in hand, only to realize i left my phone at home.

despite the obstacles of this morning, this week is stellar. partly because i got to see eric norton completely nude within the first half hour of the true blood premier. to say i'm a fan of this show is a great understatement. even i will be the first to admit that if you attempted to jump on now, you're too late. the show has spiraled completely out of control... and for those of us who have watched it religiously from episode one, we're enamored. for anyone else, it's a hot mess. a gory, hot mess. the premier on sunday was an hour chalked full of trainwrecks and cliffhangers. it was full of steamy scenes, wares, vamps and pure delight. perhaps my favorite line in the whole episode was courtesy of pam... hence the title to my blog. that being said, when I get to wake up on a monday and discuss in detail with my mom over the phone how much we loved the show (even though we watched it together closely)... it's the beginning of a good week. not to mention that lafayette is on chelsea lately tonight to promote his new documentary on child bullying. love that man. and love that he has a huge crush on chelsea handler. 

lastly, let's talk my faves. skin, product and food. my skin is glowing these days because i'm a case study for an advanced rosacea class. although i don't appreciate having rosacea as a skin condition, right now it has it's perks. i'm getting glycolic treatments from an amazing esthetician and an at-home routine to keep the ruddy at bay. this lovely lady knows me well enough than to ask me to stop drinking red wine, coffee or partaking in spicy foods... so she's just going to go at it with fun acids and calming treatments. divine. for those of you who want an amazing serum for at home use to keep your summer skin hydrated and aglow, try quench. i'm a huge fan of kate somerville. she has an amazing line of products, this is her flagship product that keeps people coming back for more. it's pricey, but well worth it...  as for food, my belly is so full on pad-see-yew that i can barely think... but if you're in the la mesa area, bamboo thai is some of the best thai i've had in san diego. aside from the fact that they don't use real button mushrooms in their soup, everything else is dead on. 

until next time.

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