Friday, May 18, 2012

my normal life..

you can say that between raising two young boys, full-time school, part-time Realtor, middle of divorce, potential children's book author and generally spread too thin gal... it would be really easy for me to say goodbye to blogging. after all, it's self-indulgent at best, takes a lot of time and energy and the feeling of writers block and the new classification that i like to call "blogger envy"... are both equally terrible feelings to endure. however, i like to believe that people actually read this and smile. if i can turn my trials and tribulations into making something, anything, a little brighter... that's awesome.

so i sit here on my couch with an early afternoon glass of wine, thinking of the nightmare of an escrow that fell out on me today and the check i won't be receiving monday. oh, and the pile of ebay things in front of me that need to be actively listed as of last week, the school project due tomorrow and the one short hour i have to complete it... what am i doing?

i am thinking of one of my bestest friends and her big 40th birthday party tomorrow in LA, where i will be surrounded with celebration and laughter and really damn good food and drink. i think of the two smiling boys that i get to pick up from school in an hour. i think of how lucky i am to have shit to sell on ebay. i think of the tremendous amount of support i have from my amazing family and friends, i think of products, i think of how delicious this perfume smells on me today and how lovely this glass of buttery bogle chardonnay is and how i actually sat on line yesterday for two hours cussing, only to be rewarded with two coachella tickets for 2013 on a payment plan (thank you goldenvoice... because yes, i'm still poor from this year.)

so here goes... i have little time, but i have to mention some of my faves as we move into summer. yay. first... for you san diego dwellers, perhaps this is only new to me and i've been living under a rock... but a northgate market just opened in city heights and i could not be more thrilled. aisles and aisles of ripe produce, marinated meats, chicharonnes, sauces, freshly baked breads, tubs of fresh salsas, a fresh cheese bar, ceviches of all sorts and finally a store that my kids can go batshit crazy in and they won't stand out a bit. this is my new haunt. it's close to home and i'm in love... and thanks to my mom, who is equally crazy about wings as i am... please try their prepared wings in the hot section. they don't disappoint.

lastly, i'm pretty much freakish about products and skincare. when i'm not doing the myriad of other responsibilities in my life... you can usually find me reading about products. it's a sickness and i get it from my mother and i'm really glad i have it.

my new favorite night cream is by a company called Revive. their renewal cream is one of the most potent antioxidant/glycolic creams out there. my rosacea loves it. my skin tone is so much more even. this stuff is extraordinary. i only use it about 3 times a week and it costs a pretty penny, but it's worth every red cent. on top of my renewed skin, i'm all about light coverage year round. i never skip primer- ever... but unless i'm slathering on my favorite armani foundation for an event, i stick to little mixtures i concoct of tinted moisturizers and luminous serums. my newly discovered fave for tinted moisturizers is by dr. schwab. it's stuffed with good vitamins for your skin and the coverage is perfect. a little goes a long way, so don't be put off by the size of the tube. besides, who in the hell ever finishes a tube of anything except toothpaste? i mix this with a pea size amount of another favorite armani product that i have (samples people, samples) and beautyblend it on. makes your skin glow and makes me look 29 all over again. brilliant.

as for you lovely men that jump on this site, jane iredale has a new men's line. obviously i won't be trying it... but she's pretty much the leader in minerals... so it's worth a shot.

happy friday. happy birthday rice.

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  1. Methinks you need to become a skincare executive somewhere. :)

    The thing about blogging, and its sometimes burdensome weight, is that it also feels therapeutic every time it's done. At least for me. I guess it's a bit of a catch 22.