Monday, May 07, 2012

deep fried and the dirty south...

two simple words can be used to describe most things. my two word choice for my recent experience at jazzfest is a toss up between "completely amazing", and "totally nuts". from unbelievable cab rides that involved raunchy jokes, lost wallets, found wallets... and of course travelers cups of various boozy concoctions... to the mouthwatering cochon de lait, rum soaked mango balls in the gospel tent, shows that begin at two, bars that open at two, sun soaked and sweaty crowds, saxophone players named topaz... i can only brush the tip of this trip. luckily it is burned in my memory and the appropriate things are on camera.
new orleans is a city that breathes and thrives on the diversity of its people, the history, the food, and ultimately its music.
i found myself wishing i could stay awake one more minute to soak it all in. by the end of day three, my body could take no more. the only thing that got me out of bed was a cup of agwa over ice and the promise of lunch at a restaurant named pig. james beard was dead on when he bestowed that award. a mushroom salad of crminis, oysters, mint, parsley, deep fried beef jerky and lemon vinaigrette, egg salad sandwich with fried green tomatoes and dill aioli on homemade sourdough... sign me up. we gorged at cochon. i would make the trip all over again to taste their smoked tomato braised pork cheeks with creamy grits and pepper salad...maybe next year.
since i had not been to new orleans in almost ten years, when my best friend married her amazing husband, i was nervous to see post katrina devastation and be faced with that misery. instead... i was pleasantly greeted by a fresh breath of warm air, smiles, newness and gratitude for being there. the people of new orleans bring light to that city. they have great pride... and it shines through.
although i returned flat broke, missing my boys and completely exhausted... my jazzfest trip was second to none....although i would have appreciated an electronic tent. ha!

and because i can't bear to finish a blog without a product obsession... these are fun.

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