Tuesday, April 03, 2012

that just happened...

the last few weeks have been controlled chaos to say the least. feeling a bit more settled now and having tons of questions to answer about products, my opinion on internet providers, the real estate market and general small talk, i lay in bed and peck away at my first blog for a while. firstly... i will say that no matter who you are or what your circumstance, divorce will chew you up and spit you out. separating a family is one of the worst things to endure. coming out on the other side is the only sunshine one can hope for. keeping my fingers crossed.

i've moved to the other side of the tracks. my view is better, my life is sometimes a bit messy... but i awoke and watched the sunrise hit the city today with a coffee in hand, fire in fireplace, and cinnamon buns in the oven for my boys. it's a good day.

products.... where do i begin? you all know my complete infatuation for jo malone. with home diffusers now available and the new plum blossom hitting stores before mother's day...   i couldn't be more excited. i do however; have some deep rooted love for some other lines that i think everyone needs to try. i also have had the privilege of trying out some new samples and loving some of those.

let's begin with skinceuticals. this cosmeceutical powerhouse has been delivering results upon results for years. i have yet to be disappointed in any of their products. their sunscreens are second to none... and if you're still putting banana boat or neutrogena on you or your children, think twice. the drugstore sunscreens are pure chemical. don't rub shit on your body that you wouldn't eat... period. mineral blocks and physical blocks are the only way to go for sunscreens. terra sport is readily available at some of the bigger stores, as well as the new aveeno baby "mineral". don't shy away from "baby". it means that the sunscreen is probably more effective and gentle, even for adults. and if you're still using tanning oils and spf 4, you should stop reading this blog immediately and go turn on your favorite reality show rerun. sun damage actually impacts our DNA. it ages us and does irreversible shit to our bodies. there's not one reason to have sun damage these days. i rock an awesome tan all year long.... without a bit of sun damage. fake it till you make it peeps.

i've also sampled some products from revive. this is a less known brand that has made it's way into nordstrom and some of the finer department stores. their moisture recovery lotion is heaven sent. glycolic acid to shimmy away some of those dead cells and a major boost of moisture. who the hell doesn't want to wake up with plump skin?

i would love to scribble about the great meals i've had lately... but my dinners have consisted of chicken dinos and horrible oven pizza for the last few nights. moving brings out the best in all of us. i was just glad to wash my hair this morning and put on an outfit that had been tucked away in a box for a bit.

it's dark, my boys are soundly asleep... and shortly i will be too.
night night.


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