Tuesday, April 24, 2012

no... i didn't see tupac

but i did lose my pants and get peed on. what a weekend. to say that coachella is one of the bigger experiences in my life would be a grand understatement. it was 3 days of incredible music, second to none people watching, and more walking than any human should do-without some fundraising involved.

our weekend began with unexpectedly cool weather. the fashion police should have been notified immediately. although i was prepared enough to have a locker stuffed with jeans, sweatshirts, beach towel, sunscreen, beanies... nothing could conquer the cold desert wind and drizzle. had i traveled with some fur or down (glo fur is even an option these days) i would have gladly endured the elements. by the time the little amount of sun traveled beneath the san jacintos, the polo fields were clearing out a bit. those that were left were either brutally cold, very high, or both. it was a mess of goosebumps and people huddling in beer gardens or near any place that looked remotely like shelter. by 10pm.... i was relaxing in a jacuzzi and mentally packing for the following day.

day two brought a bit more sun.... and a kick ass pool party at the saguaro for some pre-coachella fun. this is where after too many cucumber and tequila concoctions...that i changed my poolside attire and forgot to put my favorite cover up pants in my bag after i shimmied into a short romper and hopped in the backseat to head to the polo fields. this is probably one of the normalcy's of a rhonda party. at least i had clothes to change into. rolling into the afternoon brought loads more people and an amazing lineup. between going back to my warehouse roots in the sahara tent with zed's dead, and then having the starry night sky filled with justin vernon's haunting voice, there was no better place to be... we sprawled ourselves out on a dewy beach towel and soaked up every note. i had no intention of staying for radiohead. are they one of my favorite bands on the planet? yes. was I freezing my ass off and comparing them to the warm jacuzzi and fresh greyhounds i had waiting for me at the pad...?

day three rocked my world. day three rocked me like a bacon wrapped hot dog. there was nothing better. we arrived at the perfect time. the weather was impeccable and the lineup was superb. we spent glorious moments in the bleachers of the beer garden, people watching, sipping drinks, laughing and just enjoying the fact that we were out in the middle of the goddamn desert, hearing some of the best music around. we fancied ourselves over to the sahara to hear fluxx pavilion....  a glimpse of Gotye... who said after his hit song " thankfully i got that over with...".  and then along came Nero. I may have children, career, school and tons of responsibility.... but if you can throw a good groove to me, i'm right back in the warehouse with my raggedy muddy jeans bottoms and a sweaty brow. Nero brought it on. I found myself wearing way to much clothing (a shirt was too much) I grooved my ass off. there were few points i needed to take breaths and just soak up the mixes he delivered.... this is when the bottle found me. a small tap on the back of my heel. somewhat breathless I looked down to notice a full bottle of water had rolled up to land near my barely covered feet in flip flops. then... bestowed upon my feet was a small and sweet flow of warm liquid. although it felt good, it felt wrong. i then realized, the liquid was yellow. freshly expressed male urine yellow. both my feet had been freshly pissed on from a bottle. what to do? smashed between sweaty and smiling ravers, good music, good friends... I jammed on. I washed the shit out of my feet and my flip flops later, but I took it like a champ.

coachella rocked my world. i can't believe i leave in two days for jazzfest. this is life. don't live your life without going to coachella at least one time. until next week... here's the sweet and disgusting fragrance that i've been drawn to lately. i've had so many compliments on it by men, i keep a sample in my purse. this post is dedicated to the braunwarths. thank you for your love.

xo love,

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