Tuesday, March 06, 2012

la guera....

as a mommy of two rabunctious boys, full time job and's the simple things that make me  super excited. product samples, the desert, mexican food, the perfect cocktail, big brimmed hats, sunshine... i had one hell of a week, actually two years.... but moving on, things are bright and bushy tailed.

for one, its the beginning of march.... 80 degrees and sunny, and i'm lucky enough to be out with some of my favorite people, frolicking in the sun and enjoying one of my all time favorite hot day beverages... the chelada. i thank my mom and dad for taking me to mexico multiple times a year and my 10+ years of spanish for my infatuation of the mexican culture. the dialog, the food, the family, the small colonial towns riddled with cobblestone, sandy beaches, artisans, and the bienvenidos of it all.

i for one.... have been stifled and deprived due to the state of our closest border towns. it saddens me to not be able to skip across the walkpath to zona rio for pony betting, tecates, hot dogs wrapped in bacon, clams at calafia or a jaunt to la bufadora. luckily for me i am surrounded on a daily basis by many mexican women. not only are they going to be my wingladies to go check out one of the best restaurants in the country, that's literally walking distance from our border... but they've welcomed me with open arms to spend time with their families, let our kids play, show me how to make tostilocos, refine my spanish speaking skills, and hopefully rub some off on my ninos. sorry for not knowing the tilde yet on my keyboard. suggestions appreciated.

this brings me to some of my favorite haunts in san diego for delicious mexi cuisine, good atmosphere and places that we should all visit before we die.  here they are in no particular order.

baja oyster... this place has the best coctele that i've had on this side of the border, hands down. they have live bands on weekends, great micheladas and as most mexican joints... super kid friendly. gotta love the breeders.

ponces... oh how i love thee. nothing extra spectacular about the food, but after a couple of their famous margaritas, the food is divine too. great atmosphere, loud, sorta hipster mixed with big families and a perfect wild spot smack dab in quiet little kensington.

sara's selections... thank you miss sarah for bringing your love for fashion and your ability to sniff out some of the coolest clothing at affordable prices across borderlines. accessories galore, killer jeans, packed with deals and right next door to Gingham... where you can grab a popcorn margarita before you shop, yes, i said popcorn margarita.

lucha libre taco shop.... street tacos, quick service, hipster, delicious. be prepared to wait.

ortega's... upscale latin cuisine, fun bar, great atmosphere... go for brunch or happy hour.

puerto penasco.... haven't been yet, but hope to take the kids this summer with a few other families. from what i hear... this place is amazing. affordable beach front lodging, tons of activities and perfect weather to boot. just a 45-1hr drive across the border from Arizona.

sombrero's.... being from lakeside, i was there when the original sombrero's opened. a small hole in the wall with just two or three tables. we would pack that place to the hilt with el cappers for some of the best rolled tacos, menudo on sunday's, bean and cheesers, carne nachos and anything else we could stuff in our face. i have no doubt that we took a big part in sombreros now having over 20 locations and bringing awesome and fast mexican food to the masses. many equipped with 24 hour drive thrus. amen.

lastly, i have to give a shout out to sun tacos. this drive thru that has been over 10 different names in the last 3 years, consistently dishes out good, greasy mexican food. for those of you that have moved from san diego and live elsewhere, i know you miss it. and to my good friend maddy... sorry for drunkenly dragging your ass all over Oakland, because i was certain that there had to be some sort of mexican dive open after 3am. there should be.

on that note, enjoy your tuesday.

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