Thursday, March 15, 2012

it's a white party...

in honor of spring and the onset of head-to-toe white... i dedicate this entry. the idea for this came last night on my way back home to san diego from an event in orange county at south coast plaza. seeing a bright white escalade hearse on the 73 toll road south, was enough to get me going. ahhh.... orange county. it's a retail wonderland. malls with bridges, commissioned salespeople at every turn, designer handbags carrying designer dogs (let's hope this trend dies very soon), gorgeously manipulated bodies and faces, hidden behind huge gucci lenses and entirely too much foundation. what's not to love? back to spring time in the oc... i did bear witness to many folk dressed head to toe in white, breezy and sometimes sleazy.... but nevertheless over the top. spring is all about rebirth and a clean slate. i'm all for the white outfits, as long as you steer far away from the platform white flip flops (or white flip flops of any kind actually) and white nail polish... both of which are disgusting.

i've marinated in the thought of my love for white the last 48 hours. white is like the color of my 90 year old grandmother's hair. it's proof of the great life she has lived and all the wisdom she has gathered along the way. happy birthday Grandma Alma. thank you for all you have passed down to me. my inability to bake anything from a box, my love for butter, my ornery attitude... and my undying pursuit of being able to do everything on my own. you amaze me daily. this day is for you...

white is like the color of my favorite jalapeno white sauce at miguel's. the only way you can make a fried squid better is by dipping it in this guilty little concoction. don't be afraid to lick the tiny bowl afterwards. you can now purchase this stuff by the tub at sprouts (henry's, boney's... whatever you're used to calling it).

white as my favorite products from kate somerville... creamy and perfect for sensitive skin. eczema and rosacea be afraid, very afraid. soothing, rejuvenating, plumping and perfect. thank you to kate and to the gaggle of goats that help out to make these delights. don't get me started on goat cheese, as it's one of the few things i'd take with me if stranded on a desert isle.

i'm tired. i'm looking forward to my fluffy white bed, but i'll say goodnight with this... just to even things out.


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