Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sugar is sweeter...

so this is writer's block. i have been running at full speed for days now and have yet to sit down and let some thoughts roll off my fingers. sometimes when i blog, the flow is dead-on. i can sit and peck out 4 paragraphs before i know it and crawl into bed. i have so much happening right now, i can't even begin to choose what i'd like to share next. i won't go into detail about the awful experience at an Ethopian food restaurant I had this last week (i never thought Ethopia went hand in hand with great cuisine, and I was correct). thankfully it was trumped by an amazing sushi dinner at Tokyo Sushi a few nights later. horrible pop-rave music and blinking finger lights aside, this is some of the best sushi in San Diego. their tuna tartare is nothing but phenomenal, and their toro and himachi are like butter on rice. it's loud and obnoxious... but i'll wait an hour to eat there and not even blink an eye. on to more exciting things...

after more than 10 years in the real estate business, and the last four being riddled with short sales, foreclosures, tight lending practices and general chaos... i decided a while back to go back to school and educate myself in something i absolutely love. since i  dream, eat, sleep and think about products and skincare, since i'd rather leave the house without clothing than without perfume, since i spend copious amounts of time reading and educating myself about skin, skin treatments and product... i'm diving in head first to be an esthetician in the medical field. i'll still sell homes...until i'm six feet under, but i've never been very good at focusing on just one thing. i need variables and many different scenarios to keep my blood pumping and my mind working, so now is the time.

i spent the last two days in a small beachside studio with five other inspiring and cool women to learn the art of sugaring. i like to think that i am on the highly coordinated side for motor skills, but this class humbled us all. working with a sticky ball of sugar in some of the most delicate parts of the body was enough to make any person struggle. by the end of day two and 15 hours of learning about sugar and how it works on the skin, i am certified in sugaring. i will most likely spend the next few months perfecting this skill on anyone who's brave enough, including myself. i imagine that i'll keep my eyebrows and the hair on my head. the rest can go. practice makes perfect. it's absolutely amazing to think that something we use just about every day for food, was once used to heal wounds in war and to remove hair in ancient Egypt, has now come full circle to sweet little spots around the globe. sugar is awesome. i'll take it any day over sugar subsititutes.

my increased love for sugar in the last 72 hours has led me to think of all my favorite spots to find treats. one being babycakes in Hillcrest. any place that serves up a menu full of delicious desserts and cocktails that mimick desserts, has my vote. this place is bustling and hip. it's the perfect spot to hang with girlfriends and chat over drinks and cupcakes. there are many nights that call for supper being skipped all together. this is a good reason to pass on the ribeye and head straight for the finale.

have a sweet night.

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