Saturday, February 04, 2012

since there's no winter...

with the exception of a few days of rain and cold nights here in san diego, we've pretty much hovered at the 75-89 degree mark since last august. i won't complain, because there's many reading this out of the state and the country. instead, i'm able to rejoice in the fact that i can still wear all my fave spring scents, use fake tanner in ridiculous amounts and keep my skin glowing with some nourishing new products... all while my boys play in the sunshine and don't rot their brains too much on phineas and ferb.

i'm holding out to purchase any more scents until jo malone launches their new series "london in bloom". while the "tea" series only enticed me with two of the scents, i have a feeling i may need the big bottle of one of these babies. most likely will be at least one of the go-to things for march and april. supposedly we'll see them in stores at the end of february. until then, i'm all about the glowing face.  i've been drinking wild amounts of cocounut water. though the plain flavor turns me off and tastes salty to me, i'm in love with the other brands that have a bit of juice to them. zico has always been a favorite. their mango flavor will take on any rough mornings and now i've found a new one to enjoy as well. mango is a running theme here, but bom dia nailed it on this one. i like that the bottle is bigger too, i know the other packages are more "green"... but really? i drive an suv. i promise that this goes in the blue bin when i'm done.

a couple of samples i received recently have knocked my socks off. keep in mind i have fairly aggressive rosacea and i'm always careful. if you can't tell i'm a jo malone lover, you will after this. they recently came out with a daily face moisturizer spf 15. it's amazing. it's light and soaks right in. made my face feel good all day, no tightness. it's hard to find day creams with any spf that don't either dry you out or grease you up. this is a winner, for ladies and gents. it's not girly at all... i'm a fan. i also received a sample of nars new tinted foundation. their advertising is brilliant... a bunch of exotic women photographed in a place that reminds me of leo's old movie "the beach". i didn't feel like a supermodel with it on, but it's great color (as always for nars) and the texture is unbelievably smooth. not drying at all and also with spf. i've always done 3-5 steps morning and night for my face since i was about 10. i'm moving the numbers up a bit with age- but i simply can't survive without an amazing moisturizer, tinted moisturizer and concealer. i may have to add a nars to my rotation this summer.

i'm off to class, but will leave you on this nice saturday with one of my favorite songs on my ipod these days... you can bet i'll be up front at coachella.

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