Thursday, February 09, 2012

old habits die hard...

despite my alternator dying on me yesterday while my youngest son had an out of body experience for a pink frosted cupcake on the parking lot asphalt, and spending the remainder of my evening in the dark with night shift tow truck operators on the side of the road, i remain calm. looking forward to a night with some of my girls from high school at GINGHAM, and the discovery a few things have helped me in the last 24 hours. one being the beginning of the 5 cent sale.

i'm infatuated with a new website for products. not only does this website specialize in some of my absolute favorite skin lines, but they do a really good job of product reviews, the site is super easy to navigate and you get free shipping and free samples. enough said.

next... the introduction of the habit to san diego. finally! the habit is quite possibly one of my favorite places to eat in all of central cali. spending much time in goleta, sb and ventura... it was my staple. their veggie burger is second to none and their milkshakes make my toes curl. the food is fresh and delightful and fast. usually you can pick two out of three of those things... the habit is all three. i realized the habit had made its way south while i sat in the parking lot of gordon biersch and waited for my mom yesterday, my favorite bruce springsteen song was playing on the radio and i had a moment. yes, a moment.

here's to moments.

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