Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my magic potions...

maybe its the afterglow of taking my son to his first star wars experience last night, but i swear these products are working. take years of research and 3rd party clinical trials for regeneration of skin through fetal tissue, and you have neocutis. brilliant. eye creams that actually work and facial serums that replenish. i am in love. my sample box included the journee day cream- which is perfectly tinted, delightfully creamy and great for protection from the rays. the other two samples are their eye balm and eye cream. both can be used day and night and both are worth their weight in gold. kiss your dark circles and puffiness goodbye.

i'm surrounded by great women in my life, and every once in a while i have some kick ass ideas for them. this is for moms. lets preface my tip by saying how much i loathe putting away laundry. i can wash, dry and fold all day long... and with two dirt loving little boys, i'm frequently knee deep in filthy clothes and constantly loading my washer. when it comes to putting the folded clothes away, i fall off. i can be known to dress my kids and myself some weeks from just using the stacks of clean folded garb. the most frustrating part is the brutal task of pairing socks. after 3 years of painfully matching stripes, tow-maters, checks, knee-highs and puppy dog socks, i went off the deep end. i literally threw every last pair of my kids socks into the donate box and went to target...where i purchased 4 packages of socks for each boy. black socks for one and white ones for brother. now socks are quite possibly one of the most simple things in my home. trust... you will thank me later.

and just because i can't shut down without a solid review of some eats... i realized just recently that chin's has made it to la mesa. all hail to the best chicken wings and hot and sour soup in the city. thank you chins... at least i have found the proper eye cream to take on my post msg intake.

with love

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  1. i've been using neocutis for months now & LOVE it! hopefully it will keep my skin regenerating for years to come. best price i can find is on amazon. i still want some scrub from you! do you still have some? :)