Tuesday, February 07, 2012

getting finer by the day...

from growing  up in the sticks of lakeside, moving east to the more posh blossom valley, leaving all together for santa cruz, back to alpine, on to pb, university heights, my beloved village of la mesa, off to summerland, santa barbara, ventura, woodland hills, tierrasanta and eventually again in my favorite village... this city gets me every time.

i have love affairs with san francisco, dreams of portland and rendezvous' in bend... but san diego gets better every day. perhaps its the weather...sunshine, occasional rain, lovely coastlines, or the fact that we're spitting distance from palm springs?

i can remember being bored with this city. now i'm enthralled. skyrocket rents and traffic aside- san diego rules. i spent an evening in little italy over this past weekend. i felt like a giddy tourist. as if it wasn't enough to have the yummy whisknladle in la jolla, they were brilliant to open the newest prepkitchen this past week. bustling and swollen with good food and drink, windows to the streets below... and if craft and commerce didn't shake things up enough with their prohibition style cocktails, grizzly bartenders and off the cuff menu, now they've blessed us with underbelly. take a space the size of a cocktail napkin, add ramen, gyoza, good beers and mochi... and there you have it. id visit again just for the interior signage and stark white tile walls.

it's comforting to know that san diego is finally "getting there". some days i wish i was 20 all over again and that the city was as it is now... but then i sadly would have missed the green circle bar and the original interior of anthony's.... where my boys still love to feed the ducks.

i'll leave you with a scent that reminds me of san diego in the summer, vintage coppertone, sand and sunshine. if you can afford a bottle, buy one... otherwise stick to bobbi brown beach or suntan oil.

have a lovely day wherever you are.

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