Thursday, February 02, 2012

coke can't be all that bad...

so, in consideration of the obscene amount of time it takes me to wake up my children- or their father for that matter. i chuckled to see that even someone as perfect as brad pitt has his issues too. i'm simply not in the mood every morning to sing the usual "good morning to you"... who knows how my mom did it all those  years. most days are just madness. even with lunches packed the night before, clothing laid out neatly and backpacks ready to go, we can still end up late one day a week. little did i know kindergarten tardiness was such an issue, or that they had homework that rivals what i did in high school. it's ludicrous... so thanks to the jolie pitt clan for this amazing idea. screw diabetes and rotting teeth- this may actually work.

now for some fun... luckyscent has continued their goodybag promotion through february. they sold out of these so quickly in january and let me tell you, this little bag is packed to perfection. you won't see a deal like this, so snatch it up... and while you're there, make sure to get lots of little samples for your upcoming Spring events. i'm in love with luckyscent and i hope they know that. i would eat top ramen and take the bus to school and work as long as i could smell good and have cute shoes. speaking of shoes... these are on my list. i can already picture them with so many outfits. too bad i'd have to take out a 3rd loan or max out a credit card to buy them. it's better just not to look. sometimes i wish i still slung shoes at nordy's, just for my discount. too bad i was paying them to allow me to work there. i don't think i ever broke even with my paychecks.

off to target.

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