Wednesday, February 29, 2012

all hail to the pink...

inspired by the thought of a  beautiful pink box, when i saw that jolie needed some significant donut intake to prevent her from withering away any further... i started thinking about the color pink. reminiscent of cotton candy, cupcakes, sunsets, great shoes, rosy cheeks, newborns, bows in hair and some other amazing things i won't mention in this blog... we are all in some way affected by pink. it's a representation more than a color... and when i can rock it, i do.

moving into spring, my favorite season... i can barely keep my thoughts off cadbury eggs, filling baskets for my boys, bright hues, new handbags, whisper-light scarves and big sunglasses. spring and pink go together like bert and ernie. it's the color of spring. newness, discovery and bloom.

my amazing cousin nisa emailed me today with some fragrance questions. it sparked me to write about some of my favorite spring fragrances, some new and some classic. i rarely stray from jo malone. i have no reason to. i can choose hundreds of combinations or one single scent from jo malone that fits perfectly into any mood i'm in... and creates it's own mood many times. i'm obsessed with the new trio of fragrances... and thanks to their new creative director, they've gone all out in some gorgeous bottling as well. i'm hanging by a thread and waiting for the release of plum blossom for mother's day, but until then... here are some other favorite scents that i've had relationships with lately. first and foremost is bottega veneta. this is a purely rich and feminine nose. it's more of an evening to night scent, but as it fades... it's very daytime wearable. it's classic and refined, only slightly powdery and simply beautiful. from another fashion house hails elie saab. it's a tight second to bottega... but sweeter and lighter. i would have no problem with owning a bottle of each, as they are not similar. elie is not a gourmand, but it's a girly girl... playful, yet mature. lastly... balenciaga. this is a must own for me. luckily i won it from a classic rock  bet in kauai at the tahiti nui. i've been sporting it ever since. balenciaga is an unforgettable blend of cream and violet. i adore it.

i'm off to a show at the casbah tonight, via el camino for some street tacos and cheladas.
rock on.

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