Friday, January 27, 2012

what i really cooked...and my favorite new product site

as ambitious as i felt on wednesday to make a great curry recipe out of the new sunset, once reality checked in, i had to take it down a notch. i still spent a really fun evening at the home of some good friends...but i whipped up a dish that consisted of four ingredients, and frankly- it rocked. to top it off, i purchased all of it at target...killing a few birds with one stone. dinner consisted of archer farms organic basmati rice, archer farms coconut curry, boneless chicken breasts and jolly green giant cleaned and ready green beans. voila. after slicing my chicky in thin strips, i lightly browned in olive oil and added the coconut sauce with about a half cup of water and let it simmer until my rice was fluffed and fragrant, i added the beans at the last few minutes and topped mounds of rice with a healthy portion of the chicken mixture. it was so easy and so yummy.

we dined and laughed while our kids had fun taking every possible toy out. nothing
like bringing my rowdy boys over to a house full of estrogen. seeing the amounts of mini barbie shoes, unidentifiable pink parts, faux makeup palettes, small fake foods, made me realize i need to appreciate the big tractors i pick up every day. the mercer boys had a blast though and i'm determined for them to be in touch with their feminine side... and learn to cook.

as for my new find, thanks to my girl T.rice... you must go check out birchbox. for product trollops like myself, this is pure genius. each month you pay 10 bucks and you receive 4-6 amazing large samples of some of the best lines out there. they range from hair product to fragrance to lotions... you name it. i think they've become so popular that there is a waiting list now, but put your name in line- you won't be let down.

off to vacuum.

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  1. Yay! thanks for the tip! I just put my name on the waiting list! :)