Wednesday, January 11, 2012

venison can't cure a broken heart...

it's with a heavy heart and a strong cocktail that i write (type?) this post of the mercer girl diaries. we put our beloved golden retriever "Lager" down today. he was 14 years old and he let us know he was ready to go... but it doesn't make things any easier. my house seems quiet. even with a 3.5 and a 5 year old, who never close their lips... my house seems still and quiet. this brings me to think about humans and their attachments to animals. i don't like snakes, i hate rodents *hamsters will never be allowed in my home, i can take or leave cats.... but i have a deep love for dogs. i also have a deep love for big dogs. even though i grew up with canines of all sizes, i love big dogs. i love dogs that make themselves known. lager never let someone in our home without pestering them with his gentle paw for pets and attention. even with a huge catarac and stiff legs, he let his presence shine in the front yard as he barked at dogs twice his size. he let my kids jump on him, pull ears, tug his tail and drive him completely nuts. he slept peacefully at the end of our bed every night. it seems like just yesterday he was jumping a six foot chain link fence because of fireworks... and today we said goodbye. i feel sorry for people who never grew up with animals and who don't have a connection to them. i truly feel they bring an element of peace to our lives and when they are gone, they are missed... just like a family member.

i spent my day after the vet appointment driving around in my 1957 Chevy 210 hardtop. i met my best friend for a fish taco and a glass of wine, shed lots of tears and counted my blessings. i saw a post on fb this morning from a good friend from high school... she posted a gorgeous photo of the morning sunrise and the caption read "be thankful for the little things each day" ... it really is the little things that matter. graham cracker crumbs in my bed, gentle paws asking for love, laughter with a good friend, sunshine coming through a window, goat cheese on a tiny crostini, long walks, kisses... here's to 2012 looking up from here. RIP Lager Mercer. we love you.


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