Friday, January 13, 2012

two small things that have changed my life....

aside from children as the obvious, there are two things that are present in my life at all times. for most of my readers, these are things you know and love already. if you are under 25, stay tuned and keep notes. the first is concealer. i dont wear much else besides primer (a must) and a good mineral tinted moisturizer or mineral powder- and sometimes i leave the pad without either one. i never go into public without concealer. i put long and fun hours into finding the best one out there...and here it is. this concealer is perfectly creamy and blendable, it glides on and sinks right in. it has the perfect level of opaque and can disguise any imperfection. little sleep or big pimple are no match for this heroin. i spend more on it than just about any item in my primping drawer...and i am never without it.

the second is goat cheese. you will never see my refrigerator lonely of it. i buy two large logs at a time- and have never had to dispose of any. i use it on al dente noodles, salads, bread, stuffed in half avocados and drizzled with salsa, you name it... my favorite quickie appy is something you should all try. go get your chevre, log, pyramid, button.....just by a good one. i love snofrisk, but its tougher to find. next....your favorite ehigh end cracker. this isn't triscuit territory, save that for cheez whiz. lastly, go purchase the small jar of spiced pear jam at whole foods. bristol farms carries it too... it's always near the fancy cheeses. pour the entire jar onto a nice platter, place the chevre on top and dig in. you won't be disappointed.

just ran 5.5 miles on trail... off to the counter for a good burger bowl and some QT with my besty.

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