Friday, January 06, 2012

take the wong way home...

couldn't be more excited about my night tonight... it begins with a dinner date with my mom at Gingham. i am fortunate enough to be invited to a private dinner event there before the opening. a menu full of meats and richness is right up my alley. i'm even going to drive us in the 57 ... and she was freshly waxed today. you can be sure i'll be writing a full update this weekend to review of all the goodness i'm going to be eating tonight. following our supper, i'll be dropping mom off and headed for one of my favorite dive bars in all of san diego. if you have yet to visit wong's golden palace, it's a must. you may turn around and run back to your car before you even get to the bar... or you may just love it. wong's has been a staple of university avenue for longer than i've been alive. they serve stiff, cheap cocktails and their chinese food can satisfy any greasy tooth. it's no Kip's.... but still decent. friday nights are karaoke, and my karaoke crazed friend has chosen this gem for her celebratory night out with all the ladies tonight. needless to say, i won't be driving home...

for the special night, i have to break out my most favorite two sparkly things. as you may have guessed Givenchy is one of my favorite brands. not only do they make the most delicious cologne for men, but their specialty and limited edition items are second to none. this year santa was super good to me (aka gigi) and i got these two bad boys in my stocking.... for when you need to feel that extra glamour, spritz this on and use this mascara on top of your own favorite mascara. you'll stop the show.

out the door...

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