Thursday, January 19, 2012

run run as fast as you can.....

gotta start this entry out with a song i heard today for the first time and now i'm obsessed....
check it out. now for running. my love for running started in 1992. i was just 17 and moved to santa cruz to start my first year at ucsc. i was alone in a big wide world. within the first week, i fell upon a freckled and friendly blonde haired girl, who i'm proud to call one of my closest and best friends to this day. in fact, our friendship blossomed into a group of girls who i'm proud to call "my girls"...

 aside from all the unhealthy extracurricular activities we involved ourselves in, meghan and i developed a love for running together. maybe it was the bland and unpalatable meals we were eating in the dining hall, or the vast and spreading track that sat just above the pacific on a bed of clouds... but we were hooked. we'd strap our shoes on and hit the dirt 3 or 4 times a week. i knew at that time, running would become part of my life forever.

i'm a tall girl. running isn't really in my best interest. i have bunions that would turn any man off and my hips and back ache for days after i push myself too far- but i don't stop. running has gotten me through periods of my life when medication couldn't even do the trick. running has taught me to breathe, to pace myself, to look around me and to be in tune with my body and my mind. great problems have been solved on my runs and great ideas have come to life on my runs. there is absolutely nothing like feeling the wind on your face and experiencing small microclimate changes when you climb hills. i imagine a surfer feels the same way when they are out in the water, staring back at a big piece of land, surrounded by quiet. running is just you and you alone. even if you start out running together, soon the conversation ceases... and you are left to your own thoughts, good and bad.

i never run without an ipod. i don't do much in my life without music, and it's certain songs that push me through miles that i'm struggling. i enjoy sitting down and creating a mix that's just for my ears. sometimes it's so good, i want to pull off my headphones and share it with everyone running alongside me. i have even upgraded to a chip in my shoe and some beautiful voice who tells me how far i've gone and how many calories i've burned. some days i hate her- others i love her.

yesterday i did 7 miles with another of my closest friend (luckily she is close enough to me that we can run together). it was a clear and crisp day and we ran trails. we pushed ourselves good and when we sat down to a glass of wine and a huge salad at lunch, we earned it. i grew up a swimmer, but after moving to northern california- it wasn't in my cards. i had no desire to dawn a cap and gear and get in the water, when the weather was cold and miserable. if i had to deal with fog, i wanted to run through it. to this day... whenever i see meghan- we are never without our fitney clothing. whether we're jetsetting in the city, relaxing at sea ranch or squeezing in girl time somewhere halfway between bay area and san diego, we get a run in.

may you all have something that keeps you focused and strong, no matter what life is throwing your way.

oh, and how can i forget.... my girl presented me with this perfume today and i love her all the more for it. i smell divine.

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  1. The running bug bit me about 4 years ago after a bad break-up. There's nothing better for your mood than a good run. And doing it with your girlfriends is the best.

    Great post!