Sunday, January 15, 2012

i was on a bus with stripper poles...

still a bit foggy from my day yesterday, but i guess it's to be expected when you're on a bus with 50 people and stripper poles.... going from brewery to brewery. for those of you who don't live in la mesa or that live here and have never been to hoffer's. please go. it's perhaps one of the coolest little spots in la mesa. the owner Phil has turned his affinity for cigars into a great little den that serves amazing beers on tap (many local), great wines by the glass and more cigars than you can imagine flank the building in two temperature and humidity controlled rooms. it's simple, patio tables, bar stools, really nice bartenders... it feels local and good to be there. you can walk in alone and come out with friends. i digress....

so the uber cute "max" puts tours together for beer aficionados. this was my first time at the rodeo and hopefully not my last. we visited some of the best breweries in the county. iron fist, port, lost abbey and aztec brewing co. we tasted amazing beers of all styles and each return to the bus became more fun as the day progressed (i refuse to admit i got anywhere near a pole, as i questioned their sanitation levels). by the end of the day we were a bus full of friends and beer lovers, shouting out dr. dre lyrics and being plain ridiculous. it was an experience i'm glad to have been involved in. i'm so proud of our local brewers and how high this finest city ranks in breweries and delicious beers. these are a talented and passionate group of folks- and you can taste it in each and every glass.

we finished our night at riviera* also one of my favorite haunts... with wedge salads, perfectly cooked rib eyes, moscow mules in copper mugs (although you do need to get ginger beer sam...) and a booth full of laughter and friends.

here's to a great 3 day weekend and making some good memories.

and because I can't end a blog with at least one product i love- nor can i forget that we all shared it last night- after our day of dehydrating, this is the best lip balm out there. worth every red cent.


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