Wednesday, January 25, 2012

food for thought...

woke up extra early today so that i wasn't scrambling out of the house like most days to drop the boys off and get to school, then work... each morning i eagerly await my iced via. iced via is like a narcotic to me. i don't do hot drinks, mostly for my rosacea- but i greatly enjoy iced beverages much more than hot, even on chilly days. the simplicity of the iced via is beautiful. add water, stir and then add half and half and ice. in a pinch you can throw it in a water bottle and shake it up, but i have yet to go there. the trouble is that even though i'm saving more money than i would if i visited a coffee shop each day, vias are expensive. they'll set you back 6 bucks for 5 packets, and they go fast. my drawer was empty this morning, so i'll be making a pit stop to starbucks for sure.

who would have thought this coffee craze would have lasted so long? it goes unrivaled and it's a beautiful thing. i adore caffeine, it's a mother's best friend.

now for food... this thai curry is on my agenda for tomorrow night's dinner, and I cannot wait to make it. my children won't touch it.... but us adults will most likely lick our bowls. I'll give you a heads up on it later on. i'm obsessed with this month's sunset and hope to try just about every dish out of the "comfort in a bowl" section. brilliant.

off to spritz with my new favorite sample of perfume and then out the door.
happy tuesday.

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