Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012... here we come

big sigh of relief that 2011 has finally come to a close. i started my 2012 off with a fabulous fake tan, with my new favorite tanning product. not only does it come out totally even and no streaks at all, it looks super natural. one of my resolutions for this year is to continue wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, and since i don't dig the look of natural cellulite- this stuff saves me. don't fret about the oompa loompa face you'll have as soon as you apply it, it washes off to perfection and people will think you've been sipping mai tais somewhere on a chaise lounge. combine this with the super dooper awesome organic coffee and cocoa nib brown sugar scrub I whipped up for Christmas, and you'll be supermodel status in no time. email me anytime for a jar of your own...

i just got home from a day of crazed catching up. my car had writing on the back window and after delivering cooper back to my mom, a serious vacuuming was in order. luckily i had the help of my five year old for the day. he's currently wrapping every toy he owns, so that he can have Christmas all over again tonight. anything to keep them busy...

my best friend just called and nudged me into the camp pendelton mud run in june. it didn't take much to convince me, as it's the most fun i've ever had getting my ass kicked. considering the first quarter mile of the race includes being drenched by fire hoses, which have really good looking fireman attached to the other end- it's a good time. the mud stinks, the lake most likely has creatures or at least leeches, and last year it was over our heads... but it's still my favorite race by far. i've also committed myself to the santa ynez wine country run- because running and drinking wine are two of the best things in the world, so combining them is a good idea. between feeling fit, i'll be at coachella and jazzfest in new orleans. not sure how i will squeeze any of these things in along with job, school, children and laundry... but i'll figure it out, or die trying.

one thing for sure will be an update to my ipod. there's so much good music out there right now. if you haven't purchased the new black keys album or the new noel gallagher album, please do so. the raspy and delicious sounds of el camino should encourage me to cross any finish line this year- and i have a lot of them to cross.

lastly... out of the host of perfume samples i've tried lately- i'm in love with the new elie saab. go sniff it at your nearest nordstrom or bloomies.

peace in the new year.

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