Wednesday, December 21, 2011

why baking cookies is a waste and the best lip gloss to spend too much money on...

in my honest opinion, the baking of dough is an unecessary step. I have yet to make cookies when I did not eat most the dough on it's own. I usually make a double batch, so that I can serve the cooked ones to friends and have a pyrex dish in my fridge for large bites followed by a swig of milk. Raw eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, chocolate... bring it on. I grew up on it and I remain committed to supporting cookie dough as an edible. Although I strive to be a from scratch woman and when possible I avoid cutting corners when possible... but I will wreak havoc on a tub of toll house.

I feel somewhat the same about firelogs. I dig a real wood fire... there is nothing like it. It's warm and smokey and full of great natural smells and memories. At our pad, we use Duraflame. I'm all about throwing some real logs on top and faking the funk, but at the end of the day... we always have a box in our garage.

one thing I don't cheat on is lip product... whether it's my homemade delicious lipscrub or this amazing Dior gloss,  I will go all out. This time of year especially, I'm all for getting rid of the flakes and prepare my pucker for a sweet Winter color. It's one of the few I carry around year round. It enhances your own color, so it's nude and sexy and totally hydrating. Please do yourself and avoid anything with petroleum.... chap stick is an addictive and alcohol based product, it will do nothing but make your situation much worse.

off to threaten my rugrats with Santa.

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