Saturday, December 10, 2011

wakey wakey! eggs and bakey!

missed the lunar eclipse this morning (no one gives me a heads up on those things), but woke up to blog and stalk people on Facebook instead. I'm so productive. I was excited to see one of my very favorite homes in Mt. Helix on my page though. As a lover, owner and seller of Mid-Century homes, there is absolutely nothing like seeing them properly adorned during the holidays. Kudos to my close friend and amazing Landscape Designer, Todd Pitman... he and his wife Carmen really know how to make a place shine...

the photo above makes me want to walk around in a robe with a martini, but since I'm a Mom, I made soup instead. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do... considering I have a degree in Culinary Arts and went to Brooks Institute for food and Advertising photography (not joking, why do you think I ended up in Real Estate?) I'd like to consider myself a decent cook. I haven't won any awards or written a cookbook - yet... but I write my own recipes and sometimes they are bitchin. Yesterday I decided to make a black bean soup, it was super tough. Instead of using the usual called for water (blah), I used chicken stock and a can of organic pumpkin. I have never had or heard of Pumpkin Black Bean Soup... so this is a Mercergirl original as far as I'm concerned. It's good and super hard to make as you can see, perfect for Wintertime and full of healthy goodness.

back to my school days...
as if attending 4 colleges is not enough, I'm going back to school in January (no joke). After 10  years in Real Estate (blatant plug) and many ups and downs in life, I want to incorporate something I absolutely love into my career. I've always wanted to be an esthetician. Aside from being a product whore and a lover of all things smelly and delicious for body and face and food... it's my calling... and I'm hoping that after I give someone a glowing face and an amazing Brazilian... they may trust me more in helping them buy a house.

and now for some of my favorite gifts to give at the Holidays. My dear friend Kelly Halavais owns and runs her own company called "In The Raw". She makes some of the most heavenly candles, lotions, body washes and baths that are all natural and each made by hand. The smells are intoxicating. I'm hoping she gives me a new Vanilla Spice candle for my kitchen very soon... Her things are unique and loved by everyone I've given them to. Because she's a good friend, and a smart business woman (she made me write that)... if you go to her website and place an order, you'll get 20% off your entire order with the code mercergirl - use all lowercase. Thanks Kelly. Now go shopping...

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