Friday, December 09, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things...

I'm up early. Last night after two Riviera cosmopolitans(one is great, two is obnoxious), I was convinced it was a great idea to commit to running Cowles Mountain this morning with two friends of mine. I woke up with an earth shattering headache, headed immediately for a triple mocha and Aleve, and figured I could crank out a few words before I climb a big pile of rock with a hangover.

In my shower this morning I used one of the best products I've ever taken out a loan for in my life. It's Jo Malone's Vitamin E Scrub. It comes in a container the size of a Home Depot bucket and will change your life forever. I won't lie, it's an investment. You will have to choose between having skin like a baby's ass or paying your next month's mortgage- but it's worth every penny. It may even be worth working another job. The smell is pure heaven. Not fragranced and foofy, just pure oily bliss. There is nothing like it in the world.

I'm not ready to give up my eye cream secrets yet- because I want everyone to think I actually got 8 hours of sleep and that I'm not nearing 40. I will however; let you in on a little secret concoction that goes a long way for a woman. Firstly- if you're not using primer, get with it. It's one of the single most important steps in faking it. Not only does it fill in lines (which I don't have because I just turned 25 again), but it smoothes your face and preps it for all the other crap you have to pile on. I myself am lazy though... why not combine some steps and save yourself the trouble? The best primer I've used thus far is by Napolean Perdis. I have only been able to order it through Ulta (love), and it's not cheap.... but the next little ditty is. Mix some of this up with the new Physician's Formula Organic tinted mineral moisturizer. It's 9 bucks and it rocks. It blows some of the other big labels away. Smooth, creamy, 4 colors to make your decision easy. Apply the little mixture with a Beauty Blender sponge (a must), or one of the Beauty Blender knockoffs that you can buy at Target (because no one needs a brand name sponge), apply some lipstick and you can be out the door looking halfway decent.

Lastly... I'm known to rock an amazing bed head look. I have a girlfriend that calls it JBF hair, but that doesn't necessarily apply to me or many people for that matter, so let's keep it clean. The reason I can rock bed head, is because I have a simply amazing haircut. I'm not a long haired girl. Hats off to those of you that are, but I'm super boring with long hair and it makes my face look chubby. I was told yesterday by someone very close to me that long hair gave me "fat face". Point taken. Getting to the point, spend good money on your shoes, teeth and hair. Those are the three biggies. Everything else you can skimp on, but your feet have to carry your ass to your grave, nobody looks good toothless and if you are still wearing the same hairstyle you did in the 90's- please change that. I will let you in on my incredible and super sexy hair professional. Her name is Carol (she so does NOT fit the name Carol, sorry Carol) and she creates magic. She also gives the best head massage known to human kind and is one of the most well-educated and up to date girls in her entire salon. If you go see her, mention Mercergirl and you'll get a free Bumble and Bumble trial size product of your choice. You will love her. She's at JDM salon in La Mesa...

Almost time to pull on some tight pants and strap on my shoes for Cowles... at least I have lunch with a friend today at the Brigantine, so I can get some fish tacos and a Cadillac Margarita to begin my weekend and put a stop to this headache. Enjoy your day.

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  1. Oh made me feel like I need a makeover! :)