Friday, December 30, 2011


my boys have been with their Dad all week for the holiday in LA... so with all this "free time" i've had in between showing property, i've managed to put one dog to sleep and spend last night in the emergency room with another. i thought nothing could top my Wednesday, after a morning meeting i had a hysterical call from my Grandma Alma, who is 90 years old and a dog lover like the rest of us in the family. she has three dogs, two now. Mia and Grandma found each other four years ago in a Ralph's parking lot adoption through 4 paws. it was love at first sight... although Mia couldn't walk well because of spine issues and had a myriad of problems before coming to my Grandmother's house, she came at the perfect time.

wednesday Mia had seen better days. she had fallen and couldn't manage to get up on her own. with my Mom making her way back just in time from Temecula (because these things always happen while out of town) we got to my Grandmother's in time to help her through euthanizing Mia, as we both knew the possibility of our absence left room for Grandma to potentially think Mia could wear a diaper and scoot around in a doggie wheelchair. i'm all for saving our best friends, but this wasn't the time. we hired the help of an amazing woman named Cynthia, who did this all in the comfort of my Grandma's home for Mia and essentially oozed compassion. we couldn't have asked for more.

fast forward to another hectic day on Thursday, property showings, house-cleaning... and the hopes of a peaceful night at home to myself to catch up on Parenthood episodes and Up All Night. my mom and i share custody of her big albino lab named "cooper". coop is just over two years of age and full of energy, he's also the size of a small pony and has a tail aggressive enough to take out an entire table of wine stems in one swish. i'm in love with cooper and he is great company to our 14 year old golden, "Lager".  since i love to run, and lager barely likes to move these days, my half-weeks with cooper are the perfect solution. i all four  of his legs out on these hills of la mesa.

yesterday when i arrived home, i grabbed the leash and hit the streets with cooper. the weather was amazing as usual and we got a good walk in. my walk included a chance private tour of the most exciting restaurant to hit la mesa in the last 50 years. i'm fortunate to not only have cousins in oregon and washington whom i adore... but one of them also knows brian malarkey. brian happened to be there and after meeting him in person he let me inside to check things out. i'll need another day entirely to write about the menu he created for Gingham, and the energy this man emits... so let's get back to cooper.

back up the hills, ass a little tighter, dog winded, in need of water and a shower... back home.

dinnertime comes and i find myself making a great batch of buffalo wings (you can take the girl out of lakeside...) and a ballast point IPA. i stroll back into the kitchen, only to find cooper on hind legs scarfing down the entire plate of wings. and for those of you who have read this blog for a long time, yes- this IS the same dog who ran directly through our 55 year old plate glass sliding door a couple years back. off to the emergency room i go with cooper. luckily my best friend is not only crazy enough to be best friends with me, but she's also talking me through this whole thing- because there's no way i'm calling my mom at this point.

after just a while in the emergency center, which happens to be one of the best in San Diego... and just down the street from me- cooper emerged, purged of his spicy wing extravaganza and tail wagging. we made it to friday. here's to our four legged friends, good food, good drink, family and friends... and an incredible ending to 2011.


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