Sunday, December 11, 2011

sounds of the season and the best shortbread cookies in the universe...

i don't have a musical bone in my body, but i adore music. from sweaty warehouse beats to Whiskeytown... my taste varies. in the last year i have been consumed with Bon Iver...the haunting voice and incredible musical talent puts me in the right spot. i can listen to any of their albums over and over and over again. if you've never heard Bon Iver, i've attached one of the songs that has been on repeat lately. Another fave is The Black Keys... and their new album "El Camino" is just in time for the holidays. It's bluesy and gorgeous... it makes me want a big red wine and a rare steak. It's just plain sexy. I have a big year of tunes ahead for 2012. Coachella and Jazzfest. How I'm going to afford to go to both is a pure mystery... experiences are priceless though.

It's lucky I've been getting my ass up Cowles Mountain and The La Mesa Stairs (which if you do not know about, please contact me, i will show you how to get your ass kicked and super tight before the New Year)... because tomorrow night is one of my favorite nights of the year. It's the annual Braunwarth Cookie Exchange. I bake the same cookies every year, and every year I get hounded for the recipe. It's actually from Ina Garten a.k.a The Barefoot Contessa. This woman knows how to do amazing things in the kitchen...I love the copious amounts of butter in her recipes her unabashed use of all things delicious and fattening. These cookies are no exception. Put it this way...  at the end of the night I still try and take most of mine home. I'm an only child and we're not very good at sharing, it's true. I promise you that once you make these cookies and try them out, you will do it again...

this is an inspirational and colorful thing I see on my way to the stairs... it's been in this same place for over 10 years... love it.

enjoy your weekend....

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