Thursday, December 15, 2011

salty chihuahua... and jo malone does it again

office holiday party tonight. stretch Escalade limo, Pacific Beach, let your mind wander.... I'd like to think that a group of Sotheby's agents would do something way more classy, but we pulled it off with flying colors. This includes individual lap dances in the limo. Genius. I was careful enough to take a few aspirin and alternate my drinks with water, only so I can hold my own in my big day of Christmas with my best friend Tara tomorrow. We intend on hand making all our gifts tomorrow (they're going to be sweet) and let our children go bonkers with gingerbread houses and Christmas crafts. Happy Birthday Jesus.

Knowing that I'll probably wake up with a raging headache, this will be my recipe for the morning after my girl arrives. It's called the Salty Chihuahua... and I could not be more excited to shake it up....

-8 cups fresh grapefruit juice (wtf? really? use Simply Grapefruit... it's nearly as good)
-1.5 cups silver tequila (uh? how about 3 cups... and make it patron or hornitos)
-1/4 cup cointreau (grand marnier for the big wigs)
-1.5 t salt (for rim of glass)

shake it up...
and as for my favorite line of scents and lovelies, Jo Malone has done it again. For those of you who have not experienced Jo Malone... do yourself the favor of going to visit Scott Anderson at the Fashion Valley Jo Malone counter. He's the fragrance devil in disguise. I love him... and as soon as I convince him to be straight- we will marry and wed ourselves on an aisle of Jo Malone Red Roses and have an Orange Blossom candle burning eternally in our room.  Until then, I just adore him and he hooks me up with the best new samples and entertains my craziness. Jo's new scent for the season is Eucalyptus and Pine.  It's to die for. Screw the real tree... get a faker and burn this on your mantle.

peace and love.

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