Wednesday, December 07, 2011

red shoes, red meat, red lipstick

It's a wonder I'm sitting at my computer writing this, while there's a new Dermstore catalog sitting next to my bedside. This is dedication. I couldn't skip writing about the shoe score I got today. I spent the entire morning and afternoon helping my Mom, a.k.a "Gigi Paige" sort through her closets (plural) to divide and conquer and get some items to the really cool consignment shop in my little village of La Mesa. It has relocated to a newer and much cooler building that was redone by local architects, and it's chock full of some of the coolest clothing, shoes and accessories. We ended up with 10 full Rubbermaid containers full of clothing and figured that while the owner *who is super cool, sorted everything.... we'd head next door for a good beer and a glass of wine at Hoffer's.

here's Gigi... she rocks

Upon return to the consignment shop, barely two boxes were picked through- I made the mistake of looking around... and found the red pair of shoes that have been waiting for me to purchase them. They were gleaming at me from the top of the rounder, robust and perfectly red.

and here are my shoes.... Coach nonetheless

now for the red meat.
If you live anywhere near Valley Farms Market, you must go. They consistently have the best meats, including chicken and fish. Their produce section is fresh and primarily local, their beer selection would beat out just about anyone's I know. They even carry most of Alpine Brewery's beers- which are hard to find unless you go to the brewery itself (well worth the trip for a growler). Valley Farms stocks Julian Apple Pies, Pumpkin Pies and is pretty much one of the coolest places to shop for grocery in the East County. Their meats are the standout. You will pay much less at Valley Farms for the nicest cuts of prime meats, being served up in good ol' butcher paper from some of the hottest meat cutters in the county.

I'll end this note on something totally important...
my girlfriends and I have tested and approved three different red lipsticks for your holiday season. Nars "cruella", Nars "joyous red", and Nars "Shanghai Express". Try any of the three and you won't be disappointed. Cruella is essentially transferproof and very deep and sexy, Joyous Red is a bit more calm-totally acceptable for daytime use and Shanghai Express transports you somewhere else all together....

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  1. I adore this picture of your mom!!