Friday, December 02, 2011

Never thought I'd see the day...

Tis the season for evening events, soirees, food, drink and time spent with family and friends. Last night I was my Mom's date to one of her girlfriends homes. It's actually described best as a palace on the hill, decked out with lights, tinsel, jewelry, wine and women. We had a great time. Event being fully catered by a really nice and talented woman, we assumed that the layers of puffy white cake and frosting were one of her creations. Bellied up to the dessert bar, my Mom raved to me about this Italian Wedding Cake. She skipped the meatballs and stuffed shrooms all together (huge surprise). Not being much of a cake or dessert eater, I was cajoled into trying it. Right again. After pleading with the caterer for the recipe- she was shocked that a guest had brought the cake. Mom spent a good portion of the next hour tracking the broad down. Clearly we weren't leaving the house without this recipe, and were convinced that it had to be some family secret that was passed down for generations until it made it to our mouths. It wasn't.... and here it is. Despite my loathing of Sandra Lee's "tablescapes" and boxed food, this cake is the shnizzle. Try it this holiday.

-off to begin my day of domestic bliss.

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