Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Is it only Tuesday?

How come I feel like I've been drug many feet behind an 18 wheeler and it's not even the middle of the week yet? Most of this may come with two boys 5 and under, multiple jobs, holidays, marital issues, recession... oh wait, let's keep this on a high note. How about the holidays? How do we make it through? How do we get here so fast, 365 days later and each year ask ourselves where the time went? For me, regardless of whether there is heaven or shear hell in my life- the holidays bring a time to reflect and take a deep breath. It's a good time to look at what you've done in a year and how you want your next year to be different. Whether this be by a new job, hobby, resolution, weight to lose, sailing to learn, caves to explore, or recipes to try.... how do YOU want it to be different?

This has been a trying year for me in many ways. I have been stretched in directions I never thought I could bear to reach- but here I am. For every obstacle I've endured and for every mistake I've made (I've made a ton this year) I am a stronger and a more durable human being. Life is precious and it is short. Do what you love and don't let anyone tell you different. Spend quality time with people who you enjoy. Laugh and smile and try to live in the moment. Forget your five year plan, you may not be here tomorrow.

BUT....If you are here tomorrow.... you need to buy a bottle of the best port on the face of the earth and if you're a scent fanatic like me... spray some of this on.

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