Saturday, December 24, 2011

I survived the land of Kirkland...

thought I was out and about earlier than everyone yesterday to pick up my last minute food items for Christmas day.... that is, until I saw the parking lot for Costco. Deep Breaths. I am so proud of myself for not only remaining super calm (meds help), but whisking through with a smile on my face and getting everything I needed without having a nervous breakdown. It was shear madness. I have never seen lines so long, along with the regular bah-humbugs, I was surprised to see how many people seemed joyous and content. I heard folks whistling Christmas tunes, saw happy parents picking out last minute gifts for their kiddos, women buying gorgeous tails of lobster for their holiday feasts. I must say that not only did I make it out alive, but I made it out and was actually happy to have gone. I managed to restrain myself from buying the fuzzy sweatshirts and the 24 packs of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls that were calling my name, and stuck to the necessities... vodka, prosecco, pumpkin loaf and two giant rolls of goat cheese (which is the only food that I believe I could actually survive on all by itself).

After my fridge was stuffed and buldging at the doors, I tossed my boys in the car and headed to Campland on the Bay, for some much needed time with great friends and sunshine. Campland on the Bay is one of the best places for families to camp in San Diego County. Not only for its coastline location, but for the amount of activities and cool things to do for kids of all ages. Whether you send them to "Huff and Puff" park, or down to the arcade to waste copious amounts of money trying to grab a stuffed animal with a claw... it's well worth your money. Unfortunately, they've dropped the ball with their new management. Although the entire park was sparse with humans, the few carnies that were working the front desk made sure to be diligent about our dogs off leash and any noise level that was above a whisper. I miss the good ol' days... when camping meant being able to relax and have a good time, and your camper neighbors were on the same page. Despite the Campland police, we had an amazing day, which ended up as a dance party in the toybox and me trying to teach my boys to duggy. Let's move on...  but before we do, here's a photo of our super crowded campground.

It's another terrible Christmas in San Diego, 75 and sunny.... even at the coast. Why wrap presents and get anything ready for the weekend, when the outdoors is calling and I can wear a bathingsuit?

Not sure how much writing I'll be getting in this weekend, so if it's not until after Christmas... have a warm and lovely one. May Santa bring you all that you desire, and may you spend your days with good friends, family and cheer.

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