Monday, December 19, 2011

egg nog balls and being thankful for Snow Day...

it's been a night for me... i won't expand, other than I have been hurt by someone who I love and trust and have spent the last few years investing in. Business, love or otherwise- when you get screwed, it sucks. This has led me to drink an extra bottle of Snow Day (Amen for NewBelgium) and eat myself sick on Egg Nog Maltballs from Sprouts *Henry's for some of you.

the egg nog malt ball is quite possibly the best thing I've put in my mouth in months (why do I still hear my children awake at this hour...? Jesus) They are bursts of beautiful festive nog, wrapped in candy coated  sweetness. If you are within a 100 mile radius of Henry's... go buy them.

I hate leaving my blog on a bad note.... so let me enlighten you by my night at Hoffer's. Not only did I have the best beer there, but I finished with an Orfila Port that made my night. Luckily I can walk home. I'm foaming at the mouth about my business situation, but I'm lounging in front of my 9 foot tree, having a Snow Day and counting my blessings. With every door that closes.... there is a new one that opens.  Karma is a bitch my friends.

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  1. good morning bree... sorry to hear you're going through a rough time right now... i know i don't know you at all, but its funny how after reading so much about you from your blog for a couple weeks i feel like i kind of do. i thought i'd send you this message to give you a bit of encouragement... i've tried two things now that you recommended i just got the arcona pads, which i've only used twice, but i love!! they also suckered me into buying their "lift kit" by offering it at $45 instead of 80, and Lord knows i need a good lift! so we'll see if that helps any. also, i was at windmill farms the other day so i thought i'd stop in your K n B store while i was there. I'm not much of a wine connoisseur.. i generally drink a cab or a syrah because i prefer a more mild, flavorful wine as opposed to some of the more bitter or dry wines, and that's usually what people suggest i drink. but i bought the candor zinfandel you recommended and my husband and i killed the bottle! We both really liked it! the next night we went out to dinner so i tried a zin they offered at the restaurant. I really enjoyed that as well! I think you might have taught me something about myself i didn't know.. needless to say, i think i will be going back and getting some more candor! Anyway, I won't keep you, just wanted to say sorry you're going through something really difficult right now, and to let you know that i have been enjoying reading your blog (and benefiting from it too apparently) and that you seem like a great person, whose making a difference, not only to your family and your many friends, but even to people that you don't even know, who have just been following you on your very entertaining and educational blog. Hope you have a better day today.