Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the dog day's are over...

as much as i miss the good ol days of phones with cords, mixed tapes and my Brother word  processor...i'm pretty damn happy to be sitting in the sunshine and gingerly tapping away on my new Motorola tablet. having the internet at my fingertips is an incredibly powerful thing, dangerous almost. as long as i can practice some self control by avoiding anthro, zappos, and nordy's, i'll be in good shape.

its a tough day to write. its pretty much a tough day to do anything other than look at the back of my eyelids. the week between christmas and new years is like doldrums at sea. for those clocking in, or retired, business owners, and the unemployed...its the same feeling. let's see this year off and bring in the new. it doesn't help that the last few weeks of weather in san diego have been impeccable. i was thrilled to pull out my favorite Colorscience sunscreen today and dust it all over.

i rang in some cheer at one of my favorite San Diego spots this past week. if you havent been to The Pearl in point loma, its a must. take a mid-century classic re-vamped motel, add kick-ass drinks, great food, movies poolside and a great vibe... and that's The Pearl. we had a great bartender named Jamie- who made me a cucumber martini of some sort... it was award worthy and quenching for these Santa Ana's. The entire staff seems really awesome and approachable, and the crowd was cozy. thanks for a good time...

a good friend asked me to blog about my so-called "routine" for my products on the daily. that's my next installment, as my number one rule is to avoid commitment to any one line and be adventurous. it may take a bit, but i'm comprising the faves in my head that i don't leave the house without. just as a tease... this is the best daytime eye cream I've ever used. I'm not a huge fan of Dermalogica... as they just have way too many lines going on these days- but this stuff is a Mom's best friend. It will take you from dull and tired to atleast public worthy in one application.

until next time...

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