Saturday, December 17, 2011

bali hai mai tai and sample scores...

just returned home from a great evening.... wrapped up my Christmas shopping and finished the night at Bali Hai. For anyone who has not experienced a proper evening at the Bali Hai... you are missing out. Since their exceptional remodel some years back, it's by far the best place for a Mai Tai that will knock your socks off, and a view of America's Finest City. Sit at the bar, order Mai Tais and soak up what a great place we live in. I would love to include the recipe of the Bali Hai Mai Tai... but it's a big secret, and honestly if I had the recipe- it wouldn't taste the same as it does at a friendly bar with a sweeping skyline view of San Diego.

as for my sample of the day...

I got lucky with my big bag of samples that arrived with my Luckyscent package I received
 "Black Jade" by Lubin, Paris.  Super clean, sexy, violet, night time based, alluring and ultimately warm. I wore the sample twice and bought the bottle. For any of you who don't experiment with scents, but have every desire to... check out LuckyScent. You can order sample vials of just about every fragrance, shipping is fast and the website is not only fun, but really easy to navigate.

night night.

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