Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Can I Just Get a Peek?

Here it is ladies and gents... my medicine cabinet. Don't be fooled, this is but a nibble of the amount of products that I keep neatly stored in baskets, drawers, make-up bags, etc... but it is my storage for the go-to products that I'm using daily. I will confess to always buying more before the last jar runs out. I will also confess to being a cheater. I rarely use the same product twice, unless I find that I cannot live without it. Let's see what's inside. I'm happy to review some of my faves and please don't get your hopes up for seeing my fragrance collection. In my past life I lived in Paris and dined on fresh baguettes filled with creamery butter, while I mixed intoxicating scents to make each moment a memory. Only very few peeps are allowed to see my fragrances. Some have even reaped the benefits of hand me downs. This has been after quite a few glasses of good zin though.

Let's start with a photo
So... beginning at the bottom shelf, you may recognize some must haves. I live by Neutrogena's eye makeup remover. It's cheap and it gets the job done well. Even after long nights and walks of shame. To the right of my Neutrogena is Givenchy's face mist. It's glorious. I use it to set my makeup and basically to feel all over glamorous. It smells clean and divine and I swear I look younger. In front of those is my Jurlique Calendula Day Cream... a saving grace for anyone like me who has rosacea or sensitive skin. Jurlique is wildly expensive and some of their products are way too flowery for me- but this cream nails it. The rest aren't too exciting. I bought the Bobbi Brown face oil, because I use her makeup line almost exclusively, but it was not much better than any other oil I have used on my face, so she went back to Nordy's yesterday (wait till you see what I exchanged her for... in a later post people).

Shelf two...the ones my children absolutely cannot reach. Let's go right to left, just because. Mario Badescu's drying lotion, is a one stop blemish stopper. It's the best thing for pimples, period. I'm not 12, so thankfully I only get one here and there during those special times of the month- but the last one I had was so prevalent, my kids were calling me a unicorn and swore I was magic. This sweet little bottle works wonders. I am never without it and it lasts forever. To the left of that is the clarisonic eye cream for the nifty and gimmicky Clarisonic Opal. It was a gift from my Mom (who has blessed me with the love of shopping and products) probably after too much cheap champagne at the last Nordstrom event. I must admit that even though I'm committed to putting eye cream on daily, I don't use this much... but when I do, it takes at least ten years off those crows feet. It looks cool on your counter too. Moving along... I'll skip the cuticle nippers (duh, who doesn't have eight pairs of those?) but I will indulge you in the MyChelle facial moisturizer and honeydew cleanser. Prescription based, all natural, brilliant skin line. You can get it at Sprouts, Henry's, Boney's, whatever the hell it's called where you live. You can also see a little bottle of Philosophy's "Keep the Peace" serum. I also have their KTP tinted moisture- which acts like a primer. I don't like it nearly as much as the Colorscience Primer- Line Tamer to the right of that... but I like the line overall.  Far left is my go-to Holiday shimmer. Molton Browns Ginger Shimmer Oil. I could live in a Molton Brown boutique. It just oozes of class.

Top shelf- quick and to the point.... never  be without at least one tube of pure Retin-A from Mexico (another reason I love living in San Diego, hello Farmacia!) and some Essie nail products. Their "Good to Go" top coat is a must have for any woman who doesn't want to sit still while her nails dry.

I confess to spending way too much money at the Kiehl's counter yesterday, as well as on some Claudalie products that are bound to change my face. I will fill you in later. OH- and not to forget, my new favorite site for product reviews and just getting down and dirty about girly stuff is here. Not to be confused with one of the best places to buy products.


  1. So glad you're back to the blogging world. You have such good taste.

  2. I can't find this ginger shimmer oil that you speak of, but I am placing an order for the heavenly gingerly fragrance.