Wednesday, September 08, 2010

new and improved...

It's useless to describe why I have not posted in months. More importantly, Jo Malone has a new fragrance and I have some free time to blog again. Free time, ha.

We've entirely skipped Summer in San Diego. I for one, did not miss it. Rather I have really looked forward to wearing my over the knee boots, scarves and small bits of weather wear that we can afford in this sun drenched oasis. As I approach each year with grace and stronger anti-aging products, I am more aware of the lack of seasons in my hometown. While people flock here from all over to soak it up and happily pay over the top to live here... I'm hoping for Fall. Not only does Fall mean "back to school"... three of my favorite words now that I'm a Mom. Fall also means better scents in the air, baking, warmer bedding, cool nights and a break from white wine.

Thanks to Jo... I'll be rocking this really soon.

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