Wednesday, March 31, 2010

good news in and out of the bottle...

just found out this morning that my family and I are taking a week vacation to Kauai on May 2nd. Nothing like last minute family vacations. It all began when my Mom (ie the best) called me and told me that Marriott had booked her in a 2 bedroom villa for a week and never had confirmed it with her. At that time, she had an opportunity to cancel it, or simply call us and get the entire family to do a Hawaiian vacation. It's just my luck that she really is that cool and we've already purchased plane tickets. As much as I do everything I possibly can to avoid making this a "Mommy blog"... because I loathe Mommy blogs, I may have to write about my adventures in the air with a 2 and 3 year old. I'm stocking up on prescription pills now if anyone has any donations.

For good news IN the bottle... I was recently turned on to this Candor Zin(Zinfandel being my favorite of the grapes) and it is nothing but extraordinary. Very drinkable now, BIG wine, BIG fruit, heavy on the swallow, totally delicious. It's right up there with much more expensive wines- no go buy some.

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