Tuesday, March 16, 2010

all saved up...

wow... it's been a while. Aside from waiting with baited breath for the release of Remember Me
I've been so wonderfully busy with work at Mercer York, I've found no time to blog, twitter, facebook, sleep, shower or mate.

A few exciting things on the horizon: My first family road trip with the boys in July. 10 days from California to Oregon. My Father was born and raised in Bend, OR. His entire family still resides there. Oregon is quite possibly one of my favorite places on Earth (besides Palm Springs), so I could not be happier.

Another exciting piece of news... this fabulous wine I was just introduced to: Candor Zinfandel (lot 2)
For anyone who digs BIG wines, full fruit, heavy, round and a bottle.
You will not be unhappy.

that's about all for now. enjoy your week.

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