Tuesday, February 09, 2010

just when you thought the grammys couldn't get worse...

Work is busy these days and my diary has been a victim of neglect. After watching the grammy awards with elliot last week, I feel compelled to vent. As a lover of music and a wife to a musician, we hear a lot of it. It seemed that music was taking a serious turn for the better in 2009. Hearing small and talented bands come out of the woodwork, hearing less and less from overly produced flash-in-the-pan artists. We were heading and still are heading in the right direction. How come the Grammy awards does not reflect this in the slightest? Why is it that we have to be spoonfed really poor music disguised with over the top dances, outfits and themes? Did I really need to see Pink swinging from a rubber band and sweating profusely on the couture below? How about Gaga and Elton with grease smeared all over their faces on dueling pianos? Don't get me started on Beyonce dressed in sheet metal or what ever the hell that was. Has someone told her that she's not caucasian and she can lose those extensions? So much for the proud diva. It was embarassing to see a woman with such a powerful voice and persona on her knees swinging blonde locks around like the rest of the foolios. Needless to say, I was horrified at the entire show.

And... what in the hell was Steven Colbert doing hosting the Grammys? Who decided to take such a witty and DRY comic and place him on stage in front of a bunch of egomaniacs. That was a bad call. Producers should know by now that celebrities have a difficult time laughing at themselves. Poor Steven.

The best part of the show in my opinion was the tribute to MJ and the Haitian Relief duet. Why can't we get back to this? Singing and music. Save the hype for reality TV.

that's all of my venting.
now here's something I absolutely adore. It's perfection as far as I'm concerned. The classic with honey is the only way to go.

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