Wednesday, January 13, 2010

loathing CVS...

for as many years as I can remember, I've enjoyed wandering the aisles at my neighborhood Longs Drugs. Amongst the wide shelves of toiletries, cheap booze and fantastic bargains, I could lose track of the time it took to fill my prescriptions. It helped that everyone who worked there was friendly and the pharmacists actually took time from filling tiny bottles of pills to talk with customers and at least act interested in our latest ailments.

Recently, my little world came crashing down around me- as I found out CVS was taking over longs. I had only one experience prior at CVS, but it was one to be remembered- and not fondly. This morning unfortunately, I had another. I have many issues with our healthcare system, insurance companies, and the like- but let's start with the end of the food chain. This is CVS.

CVS in my opinion is a place that requires only a pulse and a frown to be employed there. Upon takeover of an existing and well-run pharmacy, they narrow the aisles, replace gorgeous and waxy linoleum with cheap business floor tiles, remove the overhead mirror (wtf? how else can I find my Mom when she's looking at lipstick and I'm browsing through greeting cards?) bring in their own employees to replace the smiling and helpful people that once strolled the floor, replaced their friendly pharmacists with incapable and unconcerned graduates... the list goes on.

CVS is the Wal-Mart of pharmacies, again we're faced with lower paid employees, tighter budgets and a big bottom line affecting the places we use on a daily basis. RIP Longs. I will miss you dearly, and I know I'm not alone. Thank you for many pleasant years of meandering through your pretty aisles and buying loads of lipgloss, cleaning products, small appliances and incontinence items that I did not need. In your honor today, I went slightly postal (fitting term I thought) on the apathetic woman behind the pharmacy counter, when she saw my feverish and miserable toddler in my arms and would not simply call our provider for a member number. I demanded the prescriptions back from her and proudly told her I would never set foot in there again. Here's to you Longs...

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  1., that one you're talking about has so much history for me. It was my Grandma's favorite store. I used to walk in it and I swear I could smell her. I can't even describe how I felt when I walked in and discovered it was CVS. Definitely a let-down.