Saturday, December 12, 2009

under my thumbprint...

I just arrived home tonight after two very successful private open houses that my partner and I held on our current listings. In short, both homes are absolutely stunning and both by great architects. It's nothing but pleasure to show people homes like this and open them up for everyone to appreciate. These particular two have never been sold before. Both were custom built by San Diego architects for the families that lived in them for the duration of their lives. Keith and I feel privileged to be involved. There's nothing quite like it. Back to my original story... I walked in the house anticipating to see my husband strapped to a chair and my children crusted in food, the house a disaster. Instead, I opened the door to a fire in our fireplace, Christmas lights aglow, boys in bed, petit syrah open and Elliot doing the last of the dishes. It was heaven for me, and this is why I try to be thankful every day for the man I share my life with- I rarely am successful. I am great at complaining and reminding him of the things he doesn't do though. Crazy broad.

Just when I thought my night could not get better, I remembered that I have Mary Braunwarth's Annual Cookie Exchange Party this Monday night. Mary is my neighbor, I could write a whole blog about Mary. Mary has more drive than anyone I have ever met in my life. Mary kicks ass on a daily basis. When she's not running a full department at work, she's running marathons or running out of town to do something fun. She is a passionate and dynamic human being. It's a pleasure to be her friend and her neighbor. I would not miss a Mary Braunwarth event for anything. She knows how to have fun. I believe she may have invented the word. Don't be fooled, Mary will drink the best of the wine with you and then be awake before the sun to run up Mt. Helix. It's intimidating and inspiring all at the same time.... where was I going with this?

OH... these cookies!! Okay, so my Mom- who rocks, sent me an Ina Garten recipe for thumbprints some years back. We decided to make them and little did I know that I could experience joy like this in such a tiny little baked ball of dough. These cookies are the bees knees. They will delight anyone who tries them and if you bring them to a party or give them to a friend, be prepared to make them every year and at every event. They are THAT GOOD. Here's the link for all my baking babes out there. Knock yourself out.

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