Tuesday, December 22, 2009

keeping up...

I returned late on Sunday evening from a fantastic weekend in the bay area. Some of my closest friends are scattered around in Northern California, and it's always a pleasure to get up there. This trip took me to Oakland and San Francisco. It was short and sweet, and my liver does not appreciate me. Leaving San Diego for other cities- makes me painfully aware of how suburban we are here. San Diego has been coined as a "big small town", and this term is fitting to say the least. I love it here. I was born and raised here- left for many years... only to return to start my family and business. It's a great un-city.

My love for the bay area is strong though... and here's why: FOOD. There is a food revolution happening in Northern California. It has been happening for quite some time. Local growers, handcut meats, freshly harvested mushrooms, creameries, sustainable seafoods, amazing cocktails, farmers markets, WINE... I could go on and on. The smallest markets have meat counters that are packed with fresh cuts, cheese counters to make you grin and breads to make your mouth water. Each shopping trip is an experience in itself. One of my favorite finds over the weekend was this shop. ... where I could gaze over full cuts of pork, fresh proscuitto, salumi, soppresatta... it was delightful.

Why has San Diego missed this? Is it our weather? Our lack of land and farm regions (for sake of tract home sprawl)..? I don't get it. I know I'm not alone. I've scoured this city for food. Aside from our Asian markets and a few spotted Italian markets and farmers markets here and there- we're really out of touch. It pains me. I love my city, I just need some trickle down.

I'm thankful to some of the supporters of the cause... Blind Lady Ale House, Jayne's, Linkery, The Station, Burger Joint, Cucina Urbana. Let's keep moving in this direction.

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