Friday, November 06, 2009

Super Cooper and The Sliding Glass Door

Date night last night with my business partner and his lovely wife. It was a terribly long day with the kids yesterday, so by the time elliot and I got to the bar at cucina urbana (yum), it was the right time for a cocktail. phone rings... it's gigi. she says four words that no parent wants to hear. "we have an emergency". Turns out that her puppy Golden Lab, "cooper", has run through our glass sliding door. Being as you know by now that our house is fifty years old and all original, you can imagine the thickness and the hazard of our slider. Blood was everywhere, Nash was screaming, Gigi crying, Tate asleep- luckily. My husband, the amazing man that he is... had me stay at the bar to finish my drink and meet our friends, while he rushed home to help with all the clean up and get things settled.

Elliot made it back just after we ordered appetizers. Cooper is okay. Kids are unharmed and everyone is safe. Makes us all realize how quickly things can go wrong. I feel like I just exchanged some of my karma in. Bring on the repairs.

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  1. Hey girl...I'm reading you! And, I feel your pain on local restaurants...what's up with SD??? I'm a big Yelper, which helps me find GREAT places (as great as they can be here). Here's my review on Urbana..