Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mercergirl's Thoughts on Preschool With A Tall Glass Of Wine...

My tall glass of wine sits next to me and felt the need to be included in this post. It's Veterans week. My boys get Wednesday off of school. Since they only go to school MWF, this means that I have them TWTh this week. I'm fortunate to have family to help with the kids and their school. I don't take that for granted and this is not about my woes and how difficult it can be to spend three full days with two toddler boys (in comes handy tall glass of wine!). This is about Moms who send their kids to preschool and Moms who don't.

My experience with preschool has been very bittersweet. I sent my eldest son, Nash, to preschool at 2 years of age. I decided to send my youngest, Tate, at 18 months. This decision was based on various reasons, but mainly because I need to work and I need the independence.

I have the best of both worlds. As a Realtor (check out and a Mom, I work from home most the time and on the days I have both boys- I'm essentially out of the office. I wholeheartedly enjoy my time showing houses, seeing great architecture, speaking to adults, getting paid (occasionally), and feeling like I'm being appreciated in some capacity. This is the sweet part.

The sour part is all about transition. As much as I love to be a Mom and I know that if I did not have to work, I'd never consider anything but staying home and raising my kids... being away from my kids for three mornings and afternoons during the week, make the days I spend in full with them much harder. I suppose it's based entirely on routine. Once I get in the groove and spend a few days with the boys, we're like clockwork... or I've become so coo-coo that it doesn't matter. Having half and half is much different. It's like having fat free ice cream in the fridge all the time and then three days a week having a pint of Ben and Jerry's show up. The fat free is just fine when you're eating it daily and you have nothing to compare it to- but when the chubby hubby shows up, it sure makes the fat free stuff taste different.

This has been the biggest challenge for me in trying to be a working Mom and working from home. I have many friends who stay home full time- and who love it and are fantastic at it. I also have a lot of friends who work 40+ hours a week and have their kids in daycare or preschool full time. Can I tell a big difference between the temperament of their children? No... if anything- the kids in preschool or daycare are much more adapted to the outside world, and a little more "go with the flow"...

that's enough rant for now.
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