Tuesday, October 27, 2009

thoughts on baby einstein...

I received an email today, and it read like this...

Dear Parents:

I have to admit, I’m upset and frustrated by what’s in the news. I am a mom. I have two daughters, one of whom was born earlier this year. Because of my job, more often than not, my personal and work "lives" intersect constantly, so it’s hard not to take attacks on Baby Einstein personally.

I take these attacks very personally because I believe in our products. I believe that music, art, nature, animals and the range of things Baby Einstein explores are positive, fun and give parents a chance to spend quality time with their babies.

"Genius" isn’t part of our name, and it’s not our focus. Our philosophy has always been to help bring music and beautiful, real-world objects to babies. Anyone who’s seen our DVDs or read our books knows what Baby Einstein is really about - and what it’s not. There are no scientific formulas or quizzes. No math equations. No memorization techniques. Yet the media and propaganda groups continually demonize and try to dictate to what parents should and should not do.

We believe that parents have a choice and we value and appreciate those of you who know, understand, and love Baby Einstein.

As long as there are parents, there will be parenting debates. For several years, I’ve been trying to take the high road and let our products speak for themselves. After the recent turn of events, I’ve decided that it’s time use my voice and get in the conversation. As always, we want to hear from you - real parents - on the continued assault on and judgment of parents.

Visit for our official stance on the misinformation that the CCFC has been reporting to the media.

Sincerely, thank you for your support of Baby Einstein. Let’s take a stand together.

Susan McLain
General Manager, The Baby Einstein Company

Just briefly, I need to put in my two cents. As much as I don't care for the Baby Einstein videos and books, I don't feel like any television that you plop your child in front of is going to do great things. Regardless of whether you're plugging your infant into jeopardy or Baby Einstein- something is missing- and that is involvement. Children need to be involved. It may not be right that I involve my children in dusting, vacuuming, bowel movements, phone conversations, plucking my eyebrows, pouring wine, etc... but I am not blaming a video for low test scores. It's time that parents take some responsibility for their own kids and stop blaming outside influences on their own lack of participation.

No judging here... my kids spent plenty of time in their swings and any other contraption I could use to get a shower in or do some internet browsing, but I'm not going to run out and blame the swing factory for not getting into college.

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